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Follow us is an illustrated Instagram based digest of Florida properties, organized as a classified advertisements channel.

It is a beneficial instrument for those who is:

Looking for a property

Just send us in the Instagram message your inquiry for rent or buy a residential or commercial property, and it will be published on the Instagram channel with all your direct contact data.

For the residential rental requests, please specify the number of tenants, intended move-in date, term, the desired distance to the ocean or any other places, any facilities that are crucial to you, preferred locations, and your budget.

For commercial properties — please don't forget to specify in details your business needs.

When searching for a property to buy, please indicate the property type (apartment, townhouse, villa, warehouse, office center, yacht pier, etc.), your maximum budget, intended property use (is it an investment property, or you are going to use it for your own).

More information you provide — shorten your searches will be for all the participants: owners, realtors, and you.

Promoting a property

Just send us in the Instagram message your property data, and it will be published on the Instagram channel with all your direct contact data.

Please don't forget to provide us with the following information: the city, the condo or community name, the minimum rental period allowed by the association (if you are promoting a property for rent), and the preferred contact method.

If you are selling the property, it is advisable to indicate the maintenance costs, the tax information, and the investment attractiveness — the rental data retrospective or the average rental cost in this community, so the new owner can calculate their investments return.

Please send no more than 10 photos for publication. It is better to use a file hosting service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud, and provide us with the link. Photographs shouldn't have any MLS or other site's watermarks and must not be encumbered by any copyrights.

Important: You have to be an owner, legal owner representative, or licensed agent who lists the property to promote the property in our Instagram digest.

Sunny Isles city view. has no responsibility for the third-party information accuracy and it's legitimacy. We strongly encourage our readers to independently check all the information, including the published realtor's license data.

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