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Органическое мыло ручной работы {SOAPTOPIA}

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Органическое, полностью натуральное мыло ручной работы. 5 кусочков с разными ароматами, в подарочной упаковке.


  • HANDMADE - Soaptopia Soap Bars are all-natural, life-affirming, cold process Handmade Soap Bars (7oz). These wonderful body products are derived from the wonderment of nature and cleanse the skin, soothe the soul, invigorate and/or help relax; there is a bar for nearly everything. Soaptopia unique products are 100% All Natural, 100% JUNK FREE with alway the best ingredients & pure essential oils from all over the world.
  • FAVORITE 5 Pack - Combining 5 of our best Soap Bars, The Favorite 5 Pack includes one of each of the following Handmade Soap Bars: Chai & Catch Me, Hippeee, Lemon Rosemary, Pepperlyptus Rex, and Rozilla vs. DRYskinea. Each Soap Bar has its own wonderfully balanced mixtures of natural ingredients that are deeply cleansing and revitalizing. The invigorating essential oils and organic materials leave your skin feeling lavishly smooth. The Favorite 5 Pack is the perfect Soap Bar Gift Set!
  • Soaptopia's hand-crafted, cold process bar soap is 100% JUNK FREE, 100% All-Natural & 100% LOVE & Sincere Passion for Natural! Our amazing Handmade Soap Bars are used and loved by many all over the world. Soaptopia has been featured in many magazines Vogue, Rachel Ray, People, US WEEKLY, The Today Show, CON ESTILO TV, & an AMERICAN EXPRESS TV COMMERCIAL with Kendrick Lamar and Shaquille O'Neal at our Venice shop.
  • Our Agreement: YOU smell - buy - use - give - love our products and WE co-create - share - evolve - educate - provide natural, yummy soap bars that nourish the body, awaken the senses, & promote self-awareness. Our bars are lavish, long lasting & artful Luxury Soap Bars. Each unique Soap Bar naturally deeply cleanses your skin with a silky smooth lather leaving you Refreshed, Revitalized, and Ready to Rock the World!
  • Our team of dedicated Soaptopians have united to bring that ahhhh spa bliss to everyone and every bath. Sourcing eco-friendly BATH Certified (Bathe In All Things Healthy) 100% JUNK FREE ingredients, and creating yummy smells in rockin' combinations for your every mood, is our passion. Love & Be Loved... ONE LOVE. Soaptopia's hand-crafted, cold process bar soap is 100% JUNK FREE, 100% All-Natural & 100% LOVE & Sincere Passion for Natural!


Discover The Most Enchanting & Mesmerizing Soap Bars That Will Invigorate Your Body & Soul!

Sick and tired of all those low-quality soap bars that cause skin dryness, have a terribly overwhelming smell and may contain harmful toxic ingredients?

It's time to change the way you cleanse your skin and choose an all-natural soap bar with organic ingredients that will help you not only look, but also feel energized and invigorated!

Introducing The All-Natural Handmade Luxury Soap Bar By SOAPTOPIA!

Our 7oz handmade soap bar is finally here to add a refreshing touch to your everyday skin-cleansing routine and help you start your day filled with energy or go to sleep feeling soothed. The all-natural ingredients combined with our cold-processing technique allow all the vitamins, minerals and active compounds of our ingredients to soothe and revitalize your skin naturally.

Why Choose Our Luxurious Soap Bar?

• 6 Deliciously Yummy Scents - Our 6 different scented soap bars will take you on a soul- soothing adventure through nature and help you enjoy a Cali-style experience!

• 100% Junk-Free Soap Bars - We take great pride in using ONLY all-natural ingredients in our handcrafted soaps and keeping them 100% JUNK-FREE, NON-TOXIC, PETROLEUM-FREE and CRUELTY-FREE!

• Handmade With A Secret Ingredient... LOVE! - We wanted to infuse the lifestyle, nature and incredible vibe of California in our signature soap bars and the result was amazing!

When Was The Last Time A Soap Bar Made You Go "WOW"?

The SOAPTOPIA all-natural handmade soap bar is going to create a silky smooth lather that will help remove all impurities from your skin while the gentle yet invigorating aroma will help bring a refreshing breeze of flowery and herbal scents to your bathroom.

What Are You Waiting For? Click "Add To Cart" NOW & Embark On A Unique Skin-Soothing Adventure!

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