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Плед из натуральной овечьей шерсти “John Hanly & Co.”, изготовлен в Ирландии, размер 137 х 190 см (54” х 75”)

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Компания “John Hanly & Co.” основана в 1893 году в Ирландии.

Color: Burgundy


  • Plaid wool throw blanket measures approximately 75" x 54" not including the additional 3" of fringe for the perfect bed blanket.
  • Crafted from 100% wool for a warm and durable throw.
  • Dry clean only for long lasting use.
  • Perfect to take outdoors or to use as a simple Irish throw!

Publisher: John Hanly & Co.

Details: This plaid wool throw blanket is perfect for those cold, rainy Irish days. Even if you don't live on the Emerald Isle, this cozy blanket can make keep you warm the Irish way. This blanket measures 75" x 54" not including an additional 3" of fringe at each end, making it a great blanket for all occasions. Warm and cozy, this plaid wool blanket is crafted from 100% wool. This Irish throw blanket is crafted by John Hanly & Co., located in Co, Tipperary Ireland. John Hanly & Co. has been a family run business since 1893, and is committed to making fine wool products. This wool blanket is crafted by a business that uses all renewable energy sources, and makes finely crafted products that are just as renewable and durable and the place they were made! Bring this luxurious plaid wool blanket throw into your home today.


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