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Интерактивная игрушка для купания фирмы “Funerica” + бонус плавающая рыбка

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Интерактивная игрушка для купания фирмы “Funerica” — смешная жёлтая уточка, которая крепится на стену. Детям понравится заливать воду в шляпу утки, чтобы она играла вместе с ними. Благодаря этой большой, 28-сантиметровой утке, ваш малыш будет с удовольствием проводить время и развлекаться в ванной, а также развивать логику и мелкую моторику одновременно! Весёлое и радостное купание ведёт к более расслабленному и успокаивающему засыпанию.

Игрушка подходит для детей возрастом от 1 года.


  • QUALITY BATHTUB TOY MADE TO LAST - Made of high-quality non-toxic plastic that is 100% safe for the little one! Colorful, playful and unisex toy, Ideal for both, little boys and girls. This is even a great bath toys for 1 year old.
  • STICKS TO GLOSSY SURFACE - Requires no batteries and is equipped with 2 strong suction cups. Just stick the toy on any smooth, glossy and non-porous surface. Adheres easily to glossy-tiled walls, porcelain tubs, glass, fiberglass, or metallic surfaces.

Details: Make Bathing Time Pleasant Again With the FUNERICA® Duck Waterfall Bath Toys!

  • Does your kid have a love-hate relationship with the bath?
  • Cannot handle all the splashy water and bathroom mess?
  • Fed up with all those same old bath toys?
  • Looking for fun yet educational ways to make bathing time fun time?

More on our cute yellow bath pet:

On the fine tail feathers of this duck are two strong suction cups. Stick him right on the side of the tub where he's in clear view of your little one. Use the included measuring cup to fill the dashing duck's colored top hat with water from the tub or faucet. The duck will spit out the water. And as the water flows out, the colorful wheels in the duck's belly turns and turns.

What a cute interactive Bathtub toy pet!

Babies as young as 1 year of age will take notice of Duck's action and giggle with glee. This isn't just another simple baby bath toy! Toddlers will cheer for the duck to spin again. Preschoolers will love filling the duck themselves.

The Funerica® Interactive Duck Bath Toy encourages learning at any age. Younger children begin to learn cause and effect with the toy, and bigger kids will build fine motor control and hand-eye coordination as they play.

Designed to assist in the development of Hand-Eye coordination

Designed to assist in developing fine motor skills

Perfect for kids 12 months + 

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