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Сантиметровая лента длиной 3 метра, позволяющая делать замеры в сантиметрах и в дюймах

Regular price $4.99

Brand: binifiMux


  • Color: Yellow;
  • Length: 3M/ 120 inch;
  • Package: 1 x Sewing Tape;
  • Can be used to measure the amount of chest circumference, waist circumference, abdominal circumference, the amount of head to the baby, to the height of the baby.
  • To be promotional gifts for clothing company, medical companies, fitness industry, diet pills workers.

Publisher: binifiMux

Details: 120-inch extra long tape is accurately measured in both inches and centimeters. This flexible tape is conevient for measuring curved or flat body.
Metal ends prevent tape from fraying.

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