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Букет из свежесрезанных разноцветных хризантем и жёлтых роз, в прозрачной вазе

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  • Life is Good is a lifestyle brand whose mission is to spread the power of optimism. 10% of this purchase supports the Life is Good Kids Foundation, helping kids heal from early childhood trauma.
  • Flowers are shipped in bud form for optimal vase life; blooms will open in 2-3 days, as shown in product photo.
  • Free overnight shipping to ensure freshness. There are no Saturday, Sunday or Monday deliveries.
  • Immediately upon arrival remove flowers from box, cut stems, place in vase with fresh water including flower food packet.

Publisher: Kendal Floral Supply, LLC - dropship

Details: Life is Good is a Lifestyle brand committed to spreading the power of optimism. With your purchase of this bouquet, 10% is donated to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. Since 2011, the Foundation has partnered with leading childcare organizations, supporting the men and women who dedicate their careers to helping children heal from the devastating impact of early childhood trauma.

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